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    Causes and preventive measures of crack defects caused by high-frequency heating machine heat treatment of workpieces

    2021-12-22 8:34:22

    RIO Technology 溫州瑞奧科技有限公司
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    Gears, half shafts, camshafts, and connecting rods are usually heat treated by high-frequency heating machines. During the heat treatment process, affected by various factors, some defects will occur, such as cracks, decarburization, and unqualified hardness.

    Today, let's explore the cracks in the workpiece during the heat treatment process, which are caused by improper process operations, and how should we solve them?

    1. Poor cooling or uneven cooling, causes of poor cooling or uneven cooling and preventive measures are as follows:

    1. The structure of the sprayer is poorly designed, we need to improve the design of the sprayer;

    2. If the quenching cooling medium is not properly selected, we should choose the appropriate quenching cooling medium to control the critical cooling rate and the cooling rate of the martensite section;

    3. Improper formulation or management of quenching cooling medium regulations (improper maintenance of concentration, flow rate, time, and sprayer), we need to improve the formulation and implementation of cooling regulations.

    2. Uneven heating temperature or overheating, the causes and solutions are as follows:

    1. The electrical specification of the heating device is out of control, the power is too large or the heating time is too long. For this, we should correct the shortcomings of the control system;

    2. The relative position of the workpiece and the sensor is incorrect, and the operation sequence is wrong. We should strictly operate the process rules for the problem;

    3. The inductor of the high-frequency heating machine is poorly designed and manufactured, resulting in uneven temperature or overheating locally. We should improve the design and manufacturing quality of the inductor.

    3. Poor tempering Reasons and preventive measures for poor tempering are as follows:

    1. Normalizing or high temperature tempering is not carried out during repair, and the repaired parts need to be normalized or tempered at high temperature;

    2. If it is not tempered in time after quenching, we should temper it in time after quenching;

    3. If the tempering heating speed and temperature are not appropriate, we should adopt the correct tempering heating speed and temperature to ensure that the process requirements are met.




    Keywords: high frequency heating machine

    Note: The above information is organized and released by Wenzhou Ruiao Technology Co., Ltd. (www.3dsanming.com)

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